Innovation beyond the bounds of your organisation

We created CATALYST to accelerate, de-risk and improve the overall success rate of digital trasformation for our clients. We recognised this would require dynamic access to resources, (skills, tools, experience and emerging technology), which works in harmony with the client's internal organisation. CATALYST is the secure extension of your in-house innovation capabilities.

CATALYST helps you discover, validate and integrate technology that delivers tangible and sustained value to your organisation. It is a structured collaboration infrastructure combining a commercial framework for multi-party technology development with a deep resource pool of technicians and a compliant and secure development infrastructure.

CATALYST is born out of the merger of Ntegra’s DevOps and technology scouting business with Glowfori’s strategic sourcing consulting business. It delivers an extended, trusted network of innovation resources within a structured delivery framework.

Your own innovation eco-system

CATALYST is an "on-demand" extension of your in-house innovation and development team

What resources are available in CATALYST?

The answer is everything you need to discover, validate and integrate new technologies in your organisation. Access what you need when you need it... FAST.

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